buy percocet Iowa Chapter of ACOFP

Iowa Chapter of ACOFP

The Iowa chapter of the ACOFP is a membership association for Osteopathic Family Physicians which is dedicated to promoting excellence in the practice and education of osteopathic family physicians and students.

Presidential Perspective

Posted January 2012

Joshua Tessier, D.O.

2018 Iowa Chapter ACOFP President

It is an exciting time to be a family practice physician.  We are poised to have great impact on health care.  We coordinate all aspects of our patients acute, chronic, and preventative health care needs.

There are many services provided by the Iowa ACOFP listed on this website.  But, the most important service of all is providing you a voice with regulators, legislators, payors and your patients.

I also want to encourage each one of you to become mentors and train medical students.  They are our future and you can have great influence on their perception of family practice and their practice of medicine.

Thanks to all of you who help this organization help all of us.

Joshua Tessier, D.O.


IPhone OMT App Launches

Posted February 2011
  • 122 videos demonstrating easy to follow, step-by-step procedures for the effective diagnosis and treatment of somatic dysfunction throughout the body.
  • The procedures include both direct (articulation, high velocity low amplitude, muscle energy, soft tissue) and indirect (counterstrain, facilitated positional release, functional, myofascial release) treatment methods.

This app is the most useful thing to ever happen in osteopathic medical education . . . now, learners can review OMT from a mobile device in the palm of their hands. An osteopathic medical student without this app is like canoeing without a paddle; a student with this app has a resource they will use their entire career.”  By StethoscopeEvaluator

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