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Iowa Chapter of ACOFP

ACOFP IA fosters professional growth that yields stronger leaders and better ideas for the osteopathic profession and your future.

Because of these efforts, we have built a diverse and inclusive membership that will continue to fuel the osteopathic profession into the future.

ACOFP Membership
Use It For All It's Worth

Membership in the Iowa Chapter ACOFP has its Privileges!

Membership in the Iowa Chapter of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (Iowa Chapter ACOFP) offers a wide variety of membership benefits to help you and your practice. Regardless of your practice setting, you will increase your personal and professional effectiveness by taking advantage of these services:


The Iowa Chapter ACOFP is available as a resource to answer your questions. Information about how Iowa issues, laws, and trends affect you and your practice is just a phone call away.


The Iowa Chapter ACOFP represents the interests of osteopathic family physicians in Iowa through active and diligent representation before the Iowa Legislature and various state regulatory agencies. The Iowa Chapter ACOFP supports and opposes legislation in the best interest of our members. The Iowa Chapter ACOFP also represents its members before appropriate regulatory groups, including the Iowa Board of Medicine, the Iowa Department of Health (DOH) and many others. The Iowa Chapter ACOFP works very closely with the Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association on all of these activities, providing support and liaison for their legislative and regulatory efforts as well.


The Iowa Chapter ACOFP is very active in the affairs of other professional organizations that have an impact on osteopathic family physicians, including the Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association, the Iowa Academy of Family Practice, the Iowa Medical Society, and liaisons with other specialty medical groups. The Iowa Chapter ACOFP membership is also organized and involved in working with the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP), the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) on various professional issues. Many Iowa Chapter ACOFP members currently serve and have served in leadership roles over the years in both the ACOFP and AOA, assuring that the voice of Iowa osteopathic family physicians is heard nationally.


The Iowa Chapter ACOFP provides members with periodic fax and e-mail updates on key issues, public events that effect the profession and other urgent matters of importance to osteopathic family physician. The Iowa Chapter ACOFP also has a dynamic interactive website for use by members and the general public at The website allows members to call on the society around the clock to access information on a wide variety of current issues.


The Iowa Chapter ACOFP provides many opportunities for osteopathic family physicians to continue to develop leadership skills. The society has an active leadership and committee structure. The society is always seeking the participation of new leaders to help with various society programs in membership, legislative, continuing medical education and other project topic areas.


The Iowa Chapter ACOFP helps to identify and publicize those osteopathic family physicians who are seeking new career opportunities. Whether you are looking for your first job placement in Iowa or merely looking to change your current employment situation, the Iowa Chapter ACOFP can help. Listings are also available for private practices, hospitals and other employers looking to hire additional staff. For more information, please contact the Iowa Chapter ACOFP offices.


From taking a position on the issues of the day to publicizing our high quality annual convention, the Iowa Chapter ACOFP strives to maintain and enhance the reputation of its members and the osteopathic medical profession. The society also constantly looks for opportunities to promote the osteopathic medical to the medical community and the general public.


The Iowa Chapter ACOFP is constantly looking for better ways to serve its members! Please contact the Iowa Chapter ACOFP offices with any ideas or comments about current or potential programs or activities.